First established in 2008, Format has long been a staple in the Adelaide art scene. A collective made up of visual artists, writers, and musicians, Format is known for gallery openings, live music, and as a hub for emerging artists to promote and sell their work.


Visit the Format website for more information.


Format being worked on in 2017

Established: 2008
Located: 80 Hindley Street, Adelaide

Format Committee Members:
Alex Gordon-Smith
Stan Mahoney
Harriet Fraser-Barbour
Matea Gluscevic
Olivia Kathigitis
Angela Schilling
Pat Lockwood
Tom Spall
Katie Barber
Freya Adele
Nathan Peacock
James McCann
Timothy Tuppence
Simon Loffler
Colin the poster guy
Andrew Tilley
Paul Gallasch,
Simon Gray
Chloe Langford
Dr Ianto Ware
Sam Rodgers
Stephanie Lyall


Image taken from Josh Fanning‘s article on the now-defunct Parsec Cafe.
Image taken from the Format Facebook page.


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