Fontanelle was established in 2012 by Brigid Noone, Ben Leslie, and Mary-Jean Richardson. A distinctive arrangement means the Fontanelle name brands two locations; the Gallery & Studios in Port Adelaide, full to the brim with two galleries and an installation area, a workshop, and a space for artist-led programs, and the Workshops in Bowden, which also offers a space for artist-led programs and an exhibition program. Fontanelle aims to present both a space that curates exceptional contemporary art in an accessible and thought-provoking manner, and one that encourages artistic experimentation, supporting and promoting the work of emerging, mid-career, and established South Australian artists. Fontanelle is very community-oriented, attempting engagement through public workshops and projects, and seeks to promote contemporary art in South Australia.

Visit the Fontanelle website for more information.


A gallery opening at Fontanelle in 2016

Established: 2012
Located: 175 St Vincent Street, Port Adelaide

Current Fontanelle Committee Members:
Brigid Noone – Director and Curator
Ben Leslie – Curator
Mary-Jean Richardson – Committee Member


Images taken from the Fontanelle Facebook page.


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