Art at Auburn

Art at Auburn was established in 2015 when a group of artists – with a great variety of focuses between them – decided to hold a group exhibition, and the collective has been expanding ever since. Located in the Clare Valley, Art at Auburn has the great honour of being the only Artist-Run Initiative that is not centred in the city of Adelaide or its surrounds. With an eclectic mix of mediums to choose from, this collective has something to offer every member of the community with an affinity for art.

Visit the Art at Auburn website for more information.


That’s what happens when you cross a silversmith, a metal sculptor, a weaver, a painter, a watercolourist, a dyer, a felter, a glassier, a beader, a woodworker, a potter, and a waxer in one room!” Art at Auburn‘s first exhibition in August 2015.

Established: 2015
Located: 36 Main North Road, Auburn, Clare Valley

Current Art at Auburn Committee Members:
Julie Budarick – Painter and Illustrator
Libby Brady – Fibre Artist and Basketry
Susanna Brown – Potter
Alex Cleland – Felt Maker
Lara Cooper – Painter
Kate Dunstan – Emerging Artist
Laine Gardner – Silversmith
Jeanette Groset – Artist
Rebecca Hill – Emerging Artist
Anneliese Kreig – Painter
Darren Pattison – Metal Sculptor
Anthea Piszkcuk – Contemporary Artist
Lyn Plug – Painter
Vicki Rochau – Mixed Media Artist
Julie Sandercock – Painter and Fabric Artist
Linda Stanway – Painter and Illustrator
Neil Sheppard – Painter
Dianne Turner – Painter and Potter
Tracy Vandepeer – Contemporary Artist
Paul Whitehead – Artist and Photographer
Denise Wilkins – Bead Weaver
Jenni Willis – Fibre Artist and Eco Dyer
Lachlan Wurst – Sketch Artist


All images taken from the Art at Auburn website.


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