Art at Auburn

Art at Auburn was established in 2015 when a group of artists – with a great variety of focuses between them – decided to hold a group exhibition, and the collective has been expanding ever since. Located in the Clare Valley, Art at Auburn has the great honour of being the only Artist-Run Initiative that is not […]



FELTspace was founded in 2008 by Annika Evans, Rayleen Forester, Logan Macdonald, Monte Masi, and Brigid Noone. Found nestled in the bustling Central Market district, the Artist Run Initiative has become an important name for the contemporary visual arts community of Adelaide. Aiming to promote emerging and early-career artists in particular, FELTspace offers a place […]

Fine Print

Fine Print is a bi-monthly online visual arts magazine established in 2014 that focuses on experimental and contemporary art. The content of the magazines varies from reporting, reviewing, debating, and displaying contemporary art with a central theme of the importance of documenting art. Although Fine Print is based in South Australia the magazine highlights the "concerns and preoccupations" of... Continue Reading →

Firgun & Fiire Gallery and Studio

Firgun & Fiire is a studio and gallery dedicated to promoting emerging and local artists. With both an indoor gallery space and outdoor sculpture garden, Firgun & Fiire offers a visual array of artistic styles. Fiire is an acronym for Flow, Intent, Integrity, Respect and Energy - words the collective operates by. Visit the Firgun & Fiire website for more... Continue Reading →

Floating Goose

First established in 2014, Floating Goose is both a studio and gallery space in the Adelaide CBD. Passionate for art in all forms, the committee at Floating Goose strive to keep a supportive creative space for emerging artists in Adelaide, providing opportunities in the established art community including monthly exhibitions. Visit the Floating Goose website for more information. An exhibition... Continue Reading →


Fontanelle was established in 2012 by Brigid Noone, Ben Leslie, and Mary-Jean Richardson. A distinctive arrangement means the Fontanelle name brands two locations; the Gallery & Studios in Port Adelaide, full to the brim with two galleries and an installation area, a workshop, and a space for artist-led programs, and the Workshops in Bowden, which […]


First established in 2008, Format has long been a staple in the Adelaide art scene. A collective made up of visual artists, writers, and musicians, Format is known for gallery openings, live music, and as a hub for emerging artists to promote and sell their work.   Visit the Format website for more information. Format being worked on... Continue Reading →

Gray Street Workshop

Established in 1985, the Gray Street Workshop is South Australia's oldest Artist-Run Initiative, dedicated to the field of contemporary jewellery and object making. The studio-based initiative has evolved over the last thirty-plus years to offer education and training from established professionals to students, emerging artists and even established practitioners looking to develop further. Gray Street Workshop is one of Adelaide's... Continue Reading →


Founded in 2013 by Kate Kurucz, Sam Trevaskis, and Jenna Pippett, Mint is primarily a studio space that houses a variety of artists with a variety of different mediums. Mint is committed to focusing on local, emerging artists in particular in order to create a like-minded and cohesive community. Visit the Mint website for more information. The founding members of Mint... Continue Reading →

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